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  • Behaviorally identify consumers interested in your product/service
  • Engage these self-identified prospects at each point in the purchase-decision-making process

Why It Works

Actively engaging consumers at each point in their shopping process can dramatically improve the chances of turning a shopper into a buyer. This consistent engagement is achieved with retargeting display personalized by the shopper’s “click” behavior, and with optional conversion postal.

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Selling is easier when
you know who’s
interested in buying.

Mass marketing gives you anonymous results. You may have stimulated interest in a consumer, but you don’t know who that person is. And you have no idea when that person will be ready to buy. In the world of dvMail prospecting, the identity of interested consumers is far from anonymous...

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Green Consumers

hybrid owners, natural food purchasers, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, environmental cause supporters

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Vehicle Owners

60.8M - targetable by age, make, model of vehicle, owner demographics and lifestyles

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consumer ailment and RX data. Send us your targeting selects

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Weather Triggered

Is bad weather good for your business? Ask us about weather-triggered email broadcasts

Pet Owners

Target 20M+ pet owners - targetable by pet and personal demographics

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Travel Enthusiasts

Millions of travel enthusiasts targetable by type of travel

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Music Business

We have millions of music fans targetable by genre

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Postal Lists

Do you buy postal lists? 180M records for sale - 30-day NCOA

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Winter Sport Enthusiasts

Millions of ski, snowboard and other winter sports enthusiasts

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Home Owners

Targetable by “you name it...”

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Insurance Searches

Over 25,000 online insurance searches per week - ask about our 24-hour fresh daily data feeds

Movie Goers

Target by genre or demographics

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